Robyn has a passion for helping people.

She understands special needs including gifted students; people with dyslexia, ASD, and more. Her tutoring is geared for the individual based on specific need, determined through parent information, assessment information, listening to the individual, and looking at school reports.

UNPACK YOUR POTENTIAL is our credo and we succeed in delivering!

Robyn understands that education is for the heart, soul and mind and that these elements are intertwined into the fabric of the person. She is an encourager, keen to highlight a person’s strengths.
TUTORING happens in core curriculum Subjects from Prep to year 12.

CELLFIELD TREATMENT is for students 8 years old or more.
IRLEN CONSULTATION is possible with 5 year olds if verbal skills are good. Many adults also come for Irlen consultations as there is no upper age limit! Come and see me and be set free from visual distortions that are holding you back.

Delivery is based on brain-compatible learning models utilising the latest research. We make a great difference in your life!

Director’s Corner